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Historical growth in revenues and profits Aug 28, 2003 GcKids.Com started with 12 humble workstations and 1 server owned by Ma. Socorro C. Cantos dubbed as GC1. Nov 2003 4 additional workstations were acquired Oct 15 2004 The Creation of a new room dubbed as GC2 with 17 workstations and 1 Server 2005 GcKids.Com was sold to the partnership of Gil Martin Alcantara Garcia and Owen C. Redrico. Gckids.Com was renamed Digital Juction 2006 The old 16 workstations and 1 Server from GC1 were sold, thus GC2 remain Nov 2007 Gil Martin A. Garcia bought the shares of Owen C. Redrico owning Digital Junction in full. Bought 24 units of workstation + 1 server for GC2. The old 17 units and 1 server from GC2 were moved to another location at Masinag, Antipolo dubbed as GC3, thus a New shop was Born registered to DTI as “Kardel”. The gross annual income during that time was P690,562.00. April 15 2009 The Creation of a new room dubbed as GC4. aquired 22 workstations and 2 servers. Kardel(GC3) was eliminated, the old 17 workstations and 1 server were given to Peter Redrico, brother of Owen C. Redrico.The gross annual income of P1,978,110.00. July 15, 2010 Expansion of GC4 and Creation of GC5, acquisition of 32 more workstations, total number of workstations to date is 78 and 2 servers. The income from the months January thru July was P1,230,553.00. August 1-31, 2010 The expansion brought about a remarkable increase in the income which amounted to P307,041.


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